COVID-19 update!

With COVID on the rise, masks are again a hot topic. We are following the Governor's order to not mandate masks, but they are recommended. Here is a current run down of guidelines and suggestions for you and your family to consider. 


• Masks are not required at school. If your family wants to wear masks you should do that. The judgment made as a family should determine what you do, and mask or no mask, your decision will be respected.

• We are encouraging teachers to socially distance in the classroom as best they can.

• Personal hygiene - regularly washing hands and using hand sanitizer is encouraged and practiced throughout the building. 

• The custodians are continuing their cleaning of tables and chairs.

• If your student feels sick or exhibits symptoms of COVID please keep them home. This is safer for them and those in their classroom.

• If someone in the home has tested positive for COVID, or you feel your student may have been exposed, you should closely monitor them for symptoms. If symptoms exist, keep them home. If they do not have symptoms you may send them to school. Please keep the office informed of a student's absence and the reason they are home. If a student exhibits symptoms at school they will be isolated from the class and a parent will be called to pick up the student.